#267 Slovenian Dangle

Socks in dangling sneakers are quite rare until…

c_x…the girl is wearing Salomon TA shoes, which are able to lower the back and can be used as kind of slippers. I didn’t know that these shoes exist, I’ve learned it after capturing the clip. Techamphibian 4, thank you Google.

fs1bWhat I also didn’t know: There was Eurobasket 2022 Championship and Cologne was the german city for many group games and playoffs in this European tournament. On this special day the Slovenian team won against the Germans and the whole place was crowded with Slovenian people and flags.

So. As I’m not that interested in sports or basketball itself but rather enjoy the footwear of girls watching the games, I took my cam and spotted a pretty blond girl sitting at a table with her friends.

1   4

Beige colored ankle socks, the mentioned Salomon TA 4 sneakers and white jeans.
Nevertheless I should write a disclaimer now:
Yes, the girl did some wiggling and yes, she did some dangling. But she never left her shoes, you can’t see the soles of her socks and in summary it was mostly a very calm and deliberate shoeplay.

b   d

For people who like sneaker dangling, this is a good clip. Personally I’m the dirty socks guy and here aren’t simply enough triggers for me. But yeah, I know there are some of you out there where this is heaven.

8b   g

I’ve made a 19 minutes clip out of the material and because there isn’t much thriller action but more gentle and slow moves, I’m offering this clip for half the price.

download the clip