#174 The Dangling Asian

Pretty toe cleavage with ice licking

This title sums it up, but there are a few more words to say.

4aThe protagonist is a pretty Asian girl, hard to guess how old she is, but I think she is in the beginning of her 20ies. The girl was sitting on a bench together with two guys, they were resting and eating ice cream.

fs1aI took my position right in front of them and focused the cam directly to her feet. Brazenly I held my camera in my hand, as most Asians do when they are visiting a foreign town… :D

The girl hat some leopard styled flats at her feet and you can see her pretty toe cleavage. I’m aroused by this every time when I can look between the toes.

8   3b

She was bending and flexing her toes almost all the time in turn with a solid and nice to watch dangling show. It was a pleasure to capture this.

a   c

But I wanted more, so I switched my position to her side. This is only a short scene unfortunately, because the three left the place and walked away then. Their ice cream was gone… Nevertheless I managed to get 5+ pretty minutes.

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