#199 Nylons & Rubber Flats

I thought I’ve seen everything

Feet will get stinky in rubber shoes, period.

e_xI mean, come on! We all know rubber boots, right? The ones you are wearing when you go fishing. Or in modern times as an accessoire for pretty girls in the rain. Hunter boots are somewhat common now. But I have never seen rubber FLATS before.

fs1aMaybe in pink color for little girls. But a grown-up student? In combination with a nylon pantyhose? :D Maybe I am blinkered like a horse, I don’t know. However, when walking around, I saw this young Asian girl sitting with two guys at a café outside.

Her nylons flashed me instantly, so I started the capture. There was absolutely no free table around, but sneaky as I am, I just took place roughly a meter from her feet away. As so often, standing randomly on the sidewalk and hoping that no one would discover what I am doing there.

1   1a

I got a good view from behind. The girl was playing with her flats and was rubbing her soles and toes onto the rubber (haha).

3a   5

After 4 minutes, she changed her place to the other side without any reason. But that was the chance to capture another 5 minutes from the front side of her feet.

8   a

White nail polish on her toes, waving to my lens in a smooth and elegant way.


Eventually she was so obsessed with her mobile phone that she forgot to move her feet at all, so I tried to get two more angles from the side and the back again. But the place was too crowded and I had to stop after 11+ minutes in summary.

h   i

I so wished to get a sniff of her nyloned feet, because they must have smelled gorgeous inside the sweat producing rubber shoes. But yeah, that’s the price of doing candids, you will never know…

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