#157 Converse Popper

Finally, Happy New Year!

Spring starts with pretty ankle socks and Chucks, now the feet come out again.

6bThis year sun and warmth came late, so I went to trade fairs and such. But deep in my heart I like to walk around outside the most, because there are so many things to see. Plus there is light. For a night time worker this is essential.

fs1aI just started my trip after having a short break and what did I see? A pretty 18yr old girl with black Converse Low Cuts and light rose tinted ankle socks. She popped her heels out of her shoes. There was no second to decide, if I should start the cam or not. Sure I did.

2aAs I could understand, the girl was on a holiday with her girlfriends. They visited a guy, who was also sitting at the table. They walked around the town and had a rest, so undoubtedly her socks must be aired out. Good for us.

She did a good sensible dangling job with her Chucks, slow movements, not exaggerating. At some point the girl had both feet on the ground and crossed her ankles. That was the moment to start a second camera from above. I had the chance to capture some good angles.

5   a

Difficult though, as the guy and another girl looked in my direction. But I had the balls to ask our lady for a lighter, she was smoking and I took the chance. Pretty, blond with dyed highlights and red painted fingernails.


After two thirds of the clip she slipped completely back into her shoes and wiggled her foot with crossed legs. She did some heelpops nevertheless, but that’s where the action ended. They left the table and went away.

ba   c

Enjoy the 11+ minutes of Chucks and socks captured with three cams at once.

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