#150 Barefoot In Flats

You are the ground

Watch awesome sweet girl shoeplay from the same height as the feet.

baMost of the time a camera view is from above, even if you use a case or a bag. This time I had the possibility to shoot the clip directly on a level with the feet. It was possible, because there were stairs.

6The girl was sitting in a fast food restaurant, waiting for her family to order and get their meals. She took her place on a higher seat and was resting her feet on the rim of the chair. That’s where the clip begins.

Few people in the way and I had to adjust the cam at first, but then I had the most awesome viewing angle you can imagine. I was exactly on the level of her soles. And then the magic happens.

7   c

She started to play slightly, wiggled her shoes in the air and finally dropped her flats and began to move them around. Few times she stopped, so I could focus and zoom insanely in. Such a view is rare!


After that she walked around, did some sporty poses and I got what I really love also: A view of the toe cleavage from behind, where you can see how the toes disappear in the tip of her flats.

9   k

This beautiful clip is 10 minutes long. I’m sure you’ll like it if you love small feet.

download the clip