#60 Ankle Socks With Vans

Very tasty

Man I could have cried that day. Running around for weeks with almost only bare feet girls. Suddenly this girl in dirty socks… and a chair in front of her.

2aThere was not only a chair in front of this scene, there was hardly any chance to capture at all because there was no goddamn place for me. All tables around were taken and the girl was sitting at the edge of the sideway. But I mangaged to do the impossible!

fsaThe young girl at the end of her teen days was sitting with her younger sister and some grown-ups at a table eating ice cream. She had the most rare combinations at her feet I’ve ever seen the last months: White dirty ankle socks in Vans and her feet outside of her shoes! The last point is most important, because I’ve seen really many girls with ankle socks and sneakers, but only inside their shoes.

To tell the story further, this girl did not much shoeplay, which was a pity, but ok, I really would have cried then because of the f*cking chair. Instead she dipped a little bit in her shoes, did some slow movements and curled her toes.


Finally I got the chair beneath them and what happened in just that moment? She put on her shoes! MAN! But hey, I could capture this and you can really see how tasty and dirty her socks have been. At least.

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If you are into young girls with dirty white socks, you will like this gem of almost 8 minutes I managed to capture, although there isn’t much shoeplay honestly.

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