#96 Turquoise Flats

The hell is freezing

Our eyes are often separated by our mind it seems. At least this applies to me.

1aSometimes it is difficult to decide, if I put a clip up to the store, but this one is too good for keeping it. I don’t want to lose many words on this, watch the pictures and go for it.

7aWhen dirty socks meet very trashed flats, my mind shuts off. I don’t even realize what I am watching at, it is like a drug which is killing me. So, should I look aside or should I enjoy?

2abAs of today I wished I had a sister in my life. I was born solo as the only child, which I regret very much.

So the only thing to get some of this, is to put myself into a young boy in my dreams and, yes, it works for me. In my fantasy I’m playing with my toys while observing my sister.


The rest is up to you. These 18 minutes are an awesome breathtaking shoeplay!

download the clip