#141 Plimsoll Dangling

Skill level: Asian

I love the Youtube comments when watching a really skilled person who comes from Asia.

9aIf I put this clip on Youtube, I’m sure this girl in her 20ies would deserve the same comments. She was barefoot in her red plimsoles and did a fantastic job with dangling them.

I saw her sitting outside of an Asian restaurant, eating some food with a guy. There was a good viewing angle, so I spotted my cam to her feet. At first she did some slow movements, dipped here and there in her shoes, but I suspected her doing more.

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So it was. At some point she started to move her feet like crazy, throwing her legs in the air, so that I wondered that she didn’t lose her shoes.


Heavy movements from side to side, then up and down and the other way round, most of the time with the shoe at the tip of her foot. Not only one leg but the other too, she was skilled with both feet, pretty to watch.

bEventually she left her shoes and showed her naked feet and toes into the camera. From watching the sole you can tell how warm and sweaty they must have been.

Honestly, for me this is one of the highlights in almost every clip – to see how the toes look like :)

Enjoy very good 13 minutes from a pretty young asian girl with her skilled feet.

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