#100 Anniversary Nylons

The 100th clip!

One hundred is a very special number, right? So let’s celebrate!

4bLong time I thought about what to do when we reach the number 100. Sometimes there is a coincidence so that I don’t have to dig deeper, so was Christmas. But this time it was more difficult, spring is starting but hasn’t established yet very well.

1The other thing is, and that’s a small behind the scenes: I have so many short clips, which are too short for this site to offer. Sometimes I post such clips at Youtube for advertising purposes, but I don’t want to give all of my gems to leechers which won’t ever support me.

You know, this is a full time job for me now. I quit my job in a hospital and put all the eggs into one basket, just to live this wonderful passion and to share the good stuff with you which I never found in the web before.

2This is my dream and this is much fun, but also so much work to get it right. Those of you who ever tried to get a good candid clip know what I mean. Sometimes you are wandering around for two weeks and you won’t find a good clip. At least I do some kind of sports then and don’t sit behind the PC for hours when the sun is shining. (I cut and render most clips at night) :D

The bottom line is (sorry for blabbing): So many short clips with beautiful scenes, but too short to sell, so I did a compilation. With nylons. And pantyhoses.

7   d

I glued 15 clips together to one wonderful clip with a personal highlight ending for me. The whole clip lasts 33 minutes. The last part is 7 minutes with a clerk from a civil agency, which I had to visit a few times. She always wore flats and well, I dared the impossible :)


The rest is divided into 14 shorter clips between 30 sec and 3 min. All clips are nylon shoeplay, dangling and heelpopping, from younger girls to one mature woman.

9   a

If you like this style of clips, I will definitely do something like this again in the future. To all of my supporters and fans a big hug and THANK YOU!

download the clip