#155 Ebony Dipping

Dark bare feet

Even a fly sucked at her sole…

4aMost of the ebony shoeplay clips I see at American sites. Probably this is, because there are more Africans or Latinos than here in Germany. In my hometown there is a large Turkish population, so yeah, maybe this explains the distribution of shoeplay clips.

fs1aI found this super pretty girl in her 20ies on my way home, sitting outside with her boyfriend enjoying some drinks. She was barefoot and wore some kind of leather flats with a mixture of moccasins, but without any laces. She was crossing her ankles and dipping in her shoes.

1She curled her toes, but I could only capture her soles at first because of my position from the back.

I slipped on to the side and there I got much more of her feet. She moved her feet constantly, mostly rather slow movements, but sometimes she was wiggling her feet very fast and nervous.

The girl seemed to have a rather sticky sole, because a tiny fly came and started to walk around. This was just too funny :D

6   b

Later on, she put on her shoes, but dropped them again immediately. Then finally we can see her red nail polished toes. The girl wiggled them, caressed her shoes and scrunched her sole.

8   9

After 15 minutes the clip ends. If you like ebony soles, this is the one for you.

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