#04 Asian Shoe Swap

You will almost always miss this

Think of a scene, you say “hey cool” and then something really surprising happens. So had I when I was focused on those sneaker socks.

3There is a crossing in my town, where tourists sit on beton seats and have a rest from sightseeing. At that day I saw two asian girls sitting there and talking to each other. One girl was wearing an opaque black pantyhose with so-called Converse Chucks and the other one had white sneaker socks with a Keds rip-off. No pun intended, but it was funny to see that they didn’t wear originals.

The sock girl did a slow rub with her heel in her shoe, unfortunately she never presented her toes, but suddenly she slipped her Ked off, got the Chuck from the other girl and put it on. At that time you’ll have a glance of the pantyhose toes which are wiggling in the air. I was so focused on that sock part before that I almost missed this scene with my camera – that is something you almost never see on the street.


If you are into slow movements, soft toe wiggling in shoes, less shoeplay and mid dirty sneaker socks, this 12+ minutes clip is for you.

download the clip