#181 Mature Ped Soles

Show off some sweat and dirt

I didn’t know that the mature fanbase is so large, so here’s one for you.

2aRecently I stumbled upon some threads and it seems that mature feet are always welcome in the community. For my personal needs it is more or less equal which girl or woman does shoeplay, main point for me is play and dirt.

I discovered this woman a few weeks ago in the city. At first I saw her dirty and sweaty ped socks. From far away it could have been nylon, but my camera is so detailed that you can clearly see the thin cotton stitches.


However, to say it at first, this isn’t a shoeplay clip. It’s a “show off” of the dirty soles. You can see the crumpled heel which seems to be dampy from sweat. The woman had some grandma leather shoes and she must have been walking a lot.

7   8

What you get is a relaxed and subtle toe movement from the front view angle, some foot rubbing and in the end the slip-back into her shoes, although I came a little bit too late for that. This scene is half out of frame unfortunately.

But if you like grandma’s feet, you’ll love the 6+ minutes of the detailed view.

download the clip