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#196 Sexy Birkenstock Feet

Awesome barefoot shoeplay A young turkish girl was playing with her fake Birkenstocks all the time. You know me, I’m not the guy who neccessarily loves flip-flops and Birkenstocks. I’m more into flats and sneakers, but many of you would die for this. Especially in the US there are many Birkenstock lovers.


#160 Rubbing Feet

Dipping and rubbing feet in flats Watch a cute blonde with her soft and bare soles. Last week I enjoyed the warm and sunny weather outside. Lots of people on the street, finally the winter has ended. And this is the time when pretty girls start to play with her shoes.


#156 Mature Toe Wiggle

As requested… This is a special kind of clip, because it serves a niche. Mature nylon toes airing out! I had to smile a bit the last days, because someone requested “moar toes, moar nylons, moar nail polish and faceshot man!” – As if this site lacks this, but that’s another story. So yeah, here […]


#155 Ebony Dipping

Dark bare feet Even a fly sucked at her sole… Most of the ebony shoeplay clips I see at American sites. Probably this is, because there are more Africans or Latinos than here in Germany. In my hometown there is a large Turkish population, so yeah, maybe this explains the distribution of shoeplay clips.