#244 Continental 80

Subtle heelpopping in Adidas sneakers

1_xIn my little mind I thought that Adidas always has three stripes on their shoes. If not with a leather application, then at least with holes or something.

fs1aThis dark haired girl had black socks and white Adidas without stripes, so I did my research and found them: The Continental 80 Originals.

I was sitting outside at McDonald’s. Normally a place where we can find shoeplay very often, but with Corona this is very limited. You get a number and a predefined seat, which is really bad if you spotted someone for capturing.

The group of girls and a very young mother were sitting together at a table and I saw that the dark haired girl was popping her heels out one time, but there was no angle to capture. So I left the camera off and thanked Covid :(

3   5

But after 20 minutes the girl changed her place and finally I got a direct view to her black ankle socks and white shoes. In the beginning she did some nervous foot wiggling while checking out her mobile phone with her friend (or maybe sister).

7   6

Then she did a little bit of heelpopping again. Nothing exaggerated, more subtle, but that was the most I saw in weeks, so I don’t complain.

In summary this clip is 7 minutes of footage. About 2 minutes of wiggling and roughly 5 minutes of her heels in and out of her sneakers.

download the clip