#71 Motorshow Hostesses

“Take pictures of something else”

If I tell you the whole story, would you believe me? This was my premiere at a trade fair, a motorshow fair to be more precise.

3aI’ve never been at that before, so I packed my equipment, bought a ticket and almost got lost in the mass of people. There was some time I needed to acclimate and get a feeling for what happens there.

fs1aThen I discovered a stand with several pretty hostesses. Man, if you see a bunch of girls and all have the same clothes, how can you distinguish between them? Especially later on? But I managed this somehow and focused on three girls. One barefoot brunette with silver flats, one barefoot brunette with black matte flats and a blond girl with black glittering flats and a tan pantyhose. Oh my god.

The blond girl comes first, she walked around and did some foot scrunching in her flats only. Unfortunately she did no real shoeplay, but it is nice to look at her walking around.


Then I captured the silver flats girl, who was very into heelpopping. Here and there she popped her flats and dipped in them, very good.

2bThe most insane scene is with the matte flats girl, because she enters the scene with some ugly silver plastic space flats, kicked them off and put the black flats on, which another hostess changed with her. You will see them both barefoot and well, that’s incredible to see girls swapping their shoes.

6The final part is all three girls together, wandering around, playing a bit with their shoes and having fun. I had fun too, until a guy came to me and said “My friend, take pictures of something else…”

f*ck! – He must have been observing me a while, especially looking at my monitoring display and see what I did there. Glad that I filmed with two cameras, he only saw one…

7   8

So, yes, this clip stops at that time after exciting 12 minutes, because obviously I had to leave. You understand that I didn’t start a discussion with that guy… :)

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