#45 Nordic Socks Trilogy

Pink polka dot socks and Converse Chucks

Sometimes a man must do what a man has to do. In this case I almost got a sunburn on my head and cramps in my legs.

21aMaybe this was the hardest clip I ever catched, because I cowered for almost one and a half hours in brightest sunlight, just to get this lovely shoeplay from a nordic blond girl.

fs1aI discovered her by accident, she sat with two friends at a table while drinking and talking. The location wasn’t ideal for me, because I had to take place on the ground in the midst of a bunch of people. Just don’t ask me what they thought what I did there.

The Scandinavian girl in her 20ies had well worn Converse Chucks at her feet and dangled and dipped in them with her beautiful pink polka dot socks. This is the first part of the trilogy.

1   5

In the second, she moved off her shoes and aired out her socks while crunching and bending her toes. Sometimes with shaky legs, sometimes calm and elegant. As a plus, there is some dangling of her friend’s barefoot flats too.

6   7

In the last part, finally I got a seat right beneath the girl. This was awesome, because then I had the best view to capture this ending show with two cameras.

8   9

fs2   a

Watch a short video preview here:

I stripped down the whole raw material to a condensed 29 minutes clip for you. You will get face shots as well as views from her feet from behind and the side. Enjoy!

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