#186 Just Heelpopping

Flats with nylon ped socks

Many girls are wearing peds in flats, at least the Turkish girls

1xIt is pretty common for Turkish girls in Germany that they’re wearing nylon socks in their shoes. So if I see a family group, the chance is fairly high that you are getting some good shots. As in this clip.

6eHere the protagonist is an older teen girl who was sitting at a coffee table with her younger sister and their parents. After a very short time they left the place and chose another café, a better one, so I followed them and took place right behind the girl. This was the only free place, but ok.

I had enough time to focus the camera and got beautiful shots of her steady heelpopping show. This is more or less everything I want to say about this clip…

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Because I can’t concentrate anymore mates! :D If you followed the shoutbox in the last days, you may know that I’m in a sphere between reality and fiction. For more than 9 weeks up to this point I’m doing a large and hilarious project, which is finally coming to the end and I’m nervous, agitated and tired at the same time, because I spend almost every second night with this thing. The great answer will come soon, the cake is ready, but I want and need the cherry on top, so I’m waiting and hoping.


And this is the reason, why I have no words for some kind of heelpopping clips, although this 14 minutes one is good, really, but yeah, I live in a dream at this moment, this is so unreal :D Please excuse.

download the clip anyway