#253 Playful Soles

Bare soles with champagne Birkenstock Madrid

1_xGet it if you can. That’s the motto in my recent months. You all know that I don’t like Birkenstocks very much, but I’m thankful for such joyful moments anyway.

fs3aIt was simply a too long time without shoeplay, it almost felt like a rehab for me. At this time I can say it is not only a passion for feet, sometimes it is an addiction too.

But not only the feet, I enjoy the people around me so much. Social distancing is surely not my thing, the flowers of life got withered somehow. So what’s better than warm and moist feet to drown those flowers? Nothing :D

The brown haired girl here was around 20 years old. Her Birkenstocks had a shiny color, hard to tell – not gold, not silver, something in between.

6   b

While eating ice cream, she showed off her soles many times. Not the typical ankle cross thing, but she laid her feet onto the top side and rested them. The side effect is that the soles wrinkled very much, which is very nice to see. I love that with dirty socks so much when they get crumpled.


Naturally her toes were also scrunching in that position.

I couldn’t change my location though. There was no seat nearby so I had to sit down on the ground. You can’t see her toe nails clearly from this angle.

c   g

But anyway, this is a wonderful 14+ minutes clip with soles you want to lick at.

download the clip