#208 Romanian Dipping

I have a strange passion for those girls

8_xWhenever I go outside and discover great shoeplay, it is mostly from Turkish, Russian or East European girls, don’t know why. Maybe it is the town I’m living in or the quarters I visit frequently, but this obsesses me. And I’m happy about it.

fs2aSo was this girl. I assume that she was Romanian. A very young girl with a baby buggy and the (young) grandmother aside. Ok this is cliché, I know. But in fact this was reality :D

I sat down beside her on the bench, put my skateboard under the bench and placed the  camera on the board. A real pity that my cam doesn’t have a smell sensor.

1   9

The girl was wearing rosé colored flats, had bare feet and dark red nail polish on her toes. She was fiddling around with her mobile phone, so I had much time to position the camera for great shots.

3   e

After a while I took the cam in my hands and filmed from above, so that we can see what’s going on inside her flats. She did a calm but steady dipping show. Nothing exaggerated, but very nice to watch. The girl crossed her ankles, rubbed at the rim of her shoes and did many heelpops.

bb   h

The clip is 16+ minutes long. I had to stop after a while, just because her boyfriend came and I didn’t want to get discovered. Enjoy, mates!

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