#76 Shoe Store Compilation

10 different girls

Did you ever wish to be like Al Bundy? I did, and every time I visit a shoe store, it feels like a mesmerizing adventure for me.

2xThis is a test balloon now, because I don’t know if or how this kind of clip is accepted by you. Personally I like to visit shoe stores and almost every time I see the girls slipping out of their shoes, I want to lie down on the floor.

3axOne would think that girls put on fresh socks or wash their feet before buying new shoes, but the reality is: No. Most of the socks are well worn and you will see it!

7xIf I could choose which girl I serve or advise, this would probably be my first choice of doing a job. But ok, as a salesman you have to take everything and, well, no :) I don’t want to serve a girl which I do not find attractive in some way or anything else.

4a   3

Luckily the camera is able to choose which girl’s feet will be captured and so this is a sock clip this time. 1xTen different girlies and young women put off their shoes or handle their dirty socks in some way.

There are Birkenstocks, sneakers, a beautiful barefoot woman, dirty rose socks, Hello Kitty socks and so on.

I was in the store at several days and glued a nice compilation together which lasts 10 minutes. If this clip gets some reputation, I will do follow-ups for sure.


Maybe send me your most liked kind of shoes or footwear you want to see next time. I will do my best to capture this for you then.

download the clip