#237 Dangling At Night

Super dope dangling skills with Birkenstock sandals

1_xAt first a happy new year mates! Initially I wanted to publish this clip a little bit earlier, but I spent the last three weeks with things I procrastinated for at least 2 years.

fs1aThis procrastination was cause and symptom at the same time, but eventually I had to start going through this mess. I’m not finished yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The second large thing was the preparation for the 15th birthday of fussphantasie.de – in two days you will see more of it and why it took all of my time!

5   b

Now let’s talk about this clip here: I saw a wonderful Birkenstock dangling at the Rhine river. The young blond girl had fantastic skills moving her feet in the air without even losing her sandals once. Sure I recorded this with my big camera.

6   e

The downside was that it was dark outside. The sun was long gone, the ambient light was pretty dark at this spot and you can imagine how bad the quality of those clips is normally.

x3cBut here comes the pure magic of Neat Denoiser into the game.

I bought this plugin long time ago for a personal video and this thing is able to recover details you won’t see without it. In combination with the large sensor of my camera the clip wasn’t lost at all. See the comparison of the original and the processed picture and judge yourself.

Although I’m not that big Birkenstock fan at all, this girl got me in the first seconds I’ve seen her. I put the material together to an awesome 7+ minutes clip, enjoy!

download the clip