#234 Tamara – Part 1

Wonderful sneaker shoeplay with socks

s1_xBefore I go into detail, I have to tell a short story. In my hometown there are certain places, where  some kinds of people meet almost every day. Their origin is mostly from the same country, for example Russians or Romanians.

fs2aIn this case it is a place where many Bulgarian people sit. They are chatting, eating, drinking coffee and it seems that they all are related in some kind or at least knowing each other.

Because the places are in public, there are many other people, too. I like to sit there, rest for a while and watch the people go by and doing things. Especially since I saw Tamara the first time :D


She is a pretty 24y old Bulgarian girl with brown hair. When I discovered her for the first time, she was standing on the sidewalk and played with her Adidas Neo sneakers. You can tell, I recorded her immediately because socks and sneakers… Loved it.

One week later I saw her again sitting there with her Adidas, but this time she was alone and eating sunflower seeds. I was brave, sat down on the same bench and placed my cam onto my longboard, which I put behind my legs.

sa   s6

Eventually Tamara started chatting with me out of nowhere. She offered me some seeds and in return she smoked my cigarettes, all while I was recording. A very good deal. I took the chance and involved her in a longer smalltalk about her story, her country and other topics. She seemed to be happy that she got in contact with a German guy.

g9Since then every time we meet, we talk a few words. Sometimes a simple “Hello”, sometimes a little bit longer talk. But I never told her about my passion for capturing candids, because her shoeplay is so beautiful, I didn’t want to risk the loss of it.

Did I feel guilty? Yes, a little bit. I thought very long about publishing those scenes because I didn’t want to utilize her in any way. So I made a deal with myself: I cut out the intimate things she was talking about and layed some music under it. She was happy to get in touch with me and told stories in trust, so I won’t betray her.

s7   s8

In addition she got many goods from me over the time, because all members of her family are the poorer ones in our society. A pity, but that’s another story and shouldn’t belong here.

Regarding the clip: 3 minutes with the grey flower socks and 16 minutes with the single colored ankle socks glued together to wonderful 19 minutes of dipping shoeplay with Adidas Neo sneakers. And two beautiful songs of the band “Felt” :)

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