#104 Chase The Leopard

Master class shoeplay

What would you say if I told you that I used 4 cameras to capture this clip?

6aIndeed, I did. Granted, the 4th camera was only a small addition, but this is the first time at this site that you will see one and only shoeplay from so many viewing angles.

1I went crazy on this. A young girl with leopard cotton tights and a jeans shorts was playing with her black flats like a lunatic. She and a few other people were enjoying the first ice cream this year, sun was shining, so hearts were shining too.

The long brown haired girl did such an amazing job that I don’t know many words to describe this scene. She was constantly moving her feet in and out of her shoes, dangled them, crushed them.

4   7

Sometimes she rested her legs, but then her toes were moving and peeking out of her flats. Remember, you get 4 viewing angles, so I managed to capture the texture of the inside of her flats!


In the end they left and I had more than an hour of exaggerating shoeplay. This was high risk and I doubt that I will do this very often, because – you know – I want to capture clips some time longer… :)

3   d

I stripped down this clip to almost 36 minutes of amazing shoeplay. The deleted scenes would have been a good clip of its own, but yeah, this is the life.

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