#93 Wedge Pumps Pantyhose

Long Toes

Normally elder women would wear such pumps, but this is a student in her 20ies.

a2A brown haired girl with a bob cut was standing in the shopping street outside. It was sunny but fresh, so she had a coat over her skirt. Under her dress she wore a thin tan nylon pantyhose and some leather wedge pumps in bordeaux.

fsAt first I thought there wouldn’t be much action, but I held my camera in her direction anyway.

She was standing there, chatting with some people and walking around. The girl left the scene early and I followed her. This was a good idea, because then the shoeplay began :)

1a   3a

The girl slipped out of her wedges and massaged the top of her shoes. Gladly I had a second camera, so I managed to get some very good close-ups of her long toes, I find them very attractive.


She nervously popped her heels in and out while stepping from the left to the right. The nice part was, when she scratched her heel with her shoe, you will see that her shoes leave a white print at her heels, because they were rather narrow.

6a   5a

It is a pity that this clip is not longer than 9 minutes, because the girl left the scene again and I lost her, but the time is long enough to get excited, enjoy!

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