#248 Dirty Ankle Socks

What a wonderful view in this early spring

5a_xThe weather is going mad the last weeks. In the midth of February we had masses of snow and -15°C in Germany. Two weeks later the sun is shining, snow is gone and the temperature rises up to 20°C – totally crazy. I didn’t expect much last Thursday outside, but I got wonderful dirty white ankle socks to watch.

fs1aThere was a group of four pretty student girls sitting on a blanket in the park. All had removed their shoes but one of them waved her dirty socks in the air.
No second thought, I started the camera immediately.

I simply sat down on my Longboard and tried to catch the scene with my leg hiding the lens. Out of experience I know that this can easily be spotted by someone walking around, but I had good luck that day. Plus I was so in detox regarding feet over the winter, that I probably would have risked everything :D


Obviously this is not a shoeplay clip. The girl’s Vans were lying next to her and from a quick glance I saw that they weren’t the newest pair at all. They couldn’t be because of the dirty socks. The brownish sweaty tint on her soles comes from walking in shoes over and over again.

ab   6

The blond girl had quite large feet with long toes. It was a joy to watch her bending the toes, grabbing the other foot and waving them to my sight of view. Man, I was thrilled. For a short moment I thought about asking her if she likes to give me her socks. But no, I didn’t. It just wasn’t the right time.

e   s2a

See, compare it with eating rice and beans for months and then you have a burger with a Coke in front of you. It is more wise to eat slowly then. Corona pulled me away from interacting with girls almost a whole year now – I should really walk step by step to gain my old confidence. And so did I that day.

The girl presented me with 8+ minutes of the most sexy foot play I’ve seen for a long time and I’m really thankful for this. What a good start into 2021…

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