#12 The Birkenstock Bakery Girl

Feet in socks and Birkenstocks at work

Do you want to know a dirty little secret? I love bakery girls. Don’t know why, I even wrote a story about one and this is following me for years, read on.

4aThe whole clips until today (and many more I have on my hard drive) were shot during the last months of 2013.
I searched for places in public, pretty cafés and I even got to know things of my town I didn’t know before. And guess what, this is only the beginning!

On my trips I visited almost every time an open bakery, where the protagonist girl works and I had to smile each day when she was there. One day she was filling up a Coca Cola stand and I discovered a very large hole in her sock. I wasted no time and started capturing her feet immediately. This scene was the beginning of a sequel of several clips at different days.

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The bakery girl at work, smoking during a pause and washing out a chair, face shot included. Each time she wore different clothing and socks, so I got a subtle sense of her style. Nice find was a big star tattoo over her left leg which looks really gorgeous. Together the scenes are 11 minutes long and I hope to meet the girl again in early spring to capture the second episode.

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