#103 Very Dry Heels

So young, but yet so rough

Imagine you see a pretty blond girl who takes much care in her clothes, and then you discover that her feet are pretty rough.

4aSo was this situation. The 20-something blond chick was sitting with a bunch of girlfriends enjoying their coffee outside. After a short time she started to pop her heels out of her flats.

fs1aAnd man, they were rough and very dry. I assume that this is the result of the leaving winter time short before it gets really warm and people start to look after every inch of their body to get ready for sandals or flip-flops.

Funny though as the blonde hat pretty sticky toes in her flats. She put out her feet a few times and you’ll see a yellowish tint on her sole and toes, clearly a sign of warm and nice scenting feet.

2   6

This whole clip is mostly a heelpopping one. The girl shook her flats, wiggled them while crossing her ankles and did some nice movements consistently. I did the shots from different angles and was able to capture her feet so close that you can almost clean her heels with your teeth.

7   1

In summary you’ll get awesome 22+ minutes from a pretty young girl with countless heelpopping actions. Those feet are not for every one, I know that, but some of you will love this feet and those dry heels in EU 37 sized flats.

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