#190 Black Pantyhose Dangling

Thin black nylons with elegant flats

When a lady is dangling her shoes, it is a no-brainer to start the capture.

1xIt is spring in my hometown and I was walking around the well known streets. Every year the surroundings change, some good spots are gone, few others arise. On my way I saw a 30-something lady, dressed in elegant clothes and dangling her flats at the tip of her toes.

fs1aInstantly I grabbed a chair and started capturing her shoeplay. As other older women, she didn’t do exaggerating moves, rather subtle and calm. Definitely a joy to watch, because I can feel the tension in there.

Most of the time the lady had her flats half off and leaned the heel on the ground. Here and then she rose her foot and dangled her shoe in the air.


One time she seemed to lose control, because her flat fell off the ground. A short moment when we can see her nyloned toes wiggling in the air :P

4   9a

After a while I changed the camera position from the ground to my legs. Funny thing is that the other women did some dipping in her sneakers. I didn’t see it while capturing, but saw it afterwards while cutting the clip.

5   7

Unfortunately they left the scene too early, so I only got a good 7+ minutes clip.

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