#277 Wiggling Nylon Feet

Nylon ped socks in the wild

3a_xLast week I searched in my long list of unreleased clips and stumbled upon this beauty. As this is mainly a shoeplay site, I haven’t tagged clips without shoeplay in the first place, but there are so many hidden gems.

fs1aThis clip is such an example. A pretty blond girl was sitting on a rock wall with her friend. Her glittery Espadrilles (or Espandrillos – in wrong german language :D ) stood next to her and the girl’s legs were hanging in the air.

Pretty unusual, but she wore tan nylon ped socks in her shoes. Usually girls are wearing Espadrilles with bare feet. I don’t complain though, as you can see that her nylons were a bit dyed – from her sweat in those cheap shoes. Heavenly.

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At this point I would describe the clip with many words or a story behind, but the point is: There are not much words to say. The girl wiggled her feet almost the whole clip long. Nothing more, but also nothing less. Plus a bit of toe flexing and feet rubbing, that’s it.

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15 minutes of a pretty girl wiggling her nyloned feet. If this is for you and you want to challenge yourself watching the clip without any break, this is the right one :)

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