#87 Scrunching Chick

Italian Love

I like Italy. Do you know that Cologne is sometimes called “the northernmost town of Italy”? Guess why…

4bThe story begins outside. A brown haired Italian girl was sitting with her parents at a café and they wanted to enjoy something. But the heaven was grey and then dark. It began to rain, heavily.

fs2The rain was so massive that no one could stay outside, because it even rained from the sides onto the tables and chairs. My girl was lost I thought, because when I ran away to save my camera, I didn’t know where the family went to.

Fortunately I dared to ran back and went into that café and BINGO, there she was sitting in the back part, drying herself.

Her feet had a yellow tint when she was outside, you can imagine how they must have been smelling under her beautiful glossy painted toes.


Inside of the café, our principessa did a wonderful dipping and scrunching shoeplay, not very nervous, but slow and long moves. Her feet were itching, as she scratches them with her hand and her toes of the other foot. She was also rubbing the wet sole and the edges of her golden flats.

5   a

This story is 11+ minutes long. You get a very good face shot from outside. Inside of the café I tried in fact to get some other perspectives, but it was not possible as the family was sitting 3 meters away with a direct sight to my cam, so yeah… :D

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