#279 Ukrainian BK Giggle

Teen girls airing their socks out at Burger King

2a_xOh dear. Had I known this before, I would have ordered a drink or two. It was a saturday afternoon, I was in the center of my town when it suddenly started to rain quite heavily.

fs1bThere was a Burger King nearby, so I went in and sat down on one of the last free cosy sofas. This part of the room was a chill area, so I was not unhappy with it.

Especially when I discovered two Ukrainian teen girls to the right. They were sitting at a window table and, what’s more interesting, they had put their shoes off and were airing out their socks. Heaven!


The brown haired girl had black Puma ped socks and Adidas Response CL sneakers, whereas the blond girl wore white Nike crew socks and AF1 sneakers. Their style was quite hip with blue mom jeans. I love these times :D

Essentially this is not a shoeplay clip. I haven’t seen the girls pulling off their shoes and they did almost nothing with their shoes. Only a few times you’ll see them touching the sneakers with their feet from above, more like parking their feet.

5a   9

But it was a joy watching their socked feet in a crowded restaurant. The girls just didn’t care and had a very good life while watching Insta and Tiktok. They were giggling and laughing the whole time. Unfortunately I don’t speak Russian fluently, I can only understand some words, but hey.

e   3

Now imagine, I was sitting on that sofa with the camera crammed between me and a wooden bar, balancing on a finger to raise or lower the level – and that for almost two hours! Man, at some point I was regretting so hard that I didn’t order a drink before, it was so hot in there. But I simply couldn’t leave this precious place.

7   6b

Two hours… and the girls didn’t even consider leaving the restaurant, they just stayed there the whole time watching their mobile phones having laughs after laughs. So I made a decision at some point and stopped recording. I went outside, gasping for fresh air but I was very happy about this coincidence.

ba   a

I have stripped the raw material to a 36 minutes clip. Some of you wanted me to leave calm motionless parts in a clip, so I didn’t cut too often this time. But with my philosophy in mind not to bore others, I have lowered the price considerably, so hopefully both sides of you are pleased. Enjoy mates <3

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