#73 Dirty Nylon Dangling

The sugar daddy girl

Ok, I don’t want to be mean, but at first I thought that was a daddy with her daughter sitting on the bench. Then they kissed…

3aThe young girl was sitting with her (I’ll call him) older lover outside and they chilled. Until they started to kiss and caress themselves. But this won’t be much of interest for us, because the girl had some very dirty nylons and moccasin flats on her feet.

fs12This was nice, especially because I took place at the ground behind them. What I didn’t consider was, that there was bright sunlight and it is very hard to capture rather dark scenes against bright light. I decided to go for the shoes, because the environment isn’t that important, is it?

5   4

The girl was dangling the whole clip time, sometimes slow, the other times rapid fast, and she was beautifully bending her feet inside her soft flats.

6   2

So yeah, not much shoeplay with crazy pushing shoes around, but a wonderful dangling episode. Unfortunately they left too fast, so this is only a 6 minutes clip with a solid hair shot from behind. I followed them a while afterwards, but they went to a parking deck and drove away. So this was the end of the story.

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