#214 Turkish Mommy

Awesome shoeplay as f*ck

1_xI was riding my board on the way back home. While driving I always have an eye at the places on the sidewalk. You guessed it, I spotted a turkish lady with her white mules.

As she was wearing a hijab, I really can’t tell how old the lady was. I suppose her in her late 40ies as there was a little girl sitting at the table also. And the girl seemed to be her grandchild.

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Anyway, the lady did a breathtaking shoeplay with her bare feet and her flats. She played like a young girl, like a goddess and it was a joy to watch her yellow soles resting crinkled on the back of the shoes.


The mules were pretty worn out and dirty inside, you can see a glance of this sometimes when she pulled them into the air.

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Enjoy the 7 minutes of an astonishing barefoot play of an aged turkish lady.

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