#165 Standing Whole Day

Poor woman had hot and sweaty feet

The moment when I got so thrilled that I’d rather drop the cam

eaWe have an organisation in town for which members do advertising on the street. They are standing for hours at different places and smile to the crowd. Always kind and friendly people,  with a slightly conservative clothing, but many pretty girls.

fs2aThe protagonist was in the end of her 20ies I suppose. She had blond hair, sunglasses, a black skirt, an old-school blouse and a tan colored nylon pantyhose with black leather flats at her feet.

daWell, not really “at” her feet, because the woman slipped the flats off pretty fast after sitting down on the chair and clamped her toes right into my direction. Blush!

I started my camera, got a second one running and began to capture her awesome dipping and toe curling. She had warm red soles with nail polished toes.


Inside her flats you can see the dirty insole and I was wondering how wet it was from standing the whole sunny day in those flats.

7   1

The bad thing is, this will always be a point of imagination, when you capture candid shoeplay clips. The good thing: Wonderful, astonishing and longing views of “I Want To Worship”-Feet. So badly.

c   g

The clip lasts 12+ minutes, three viewing angles and I used 4(!) cameras :D I tested a small fisheye cam in the end which looks like an inhaler. Good for face shots.

download the clip