#139 The Doc Martens Show

Shoeplay with Docs

Formerly I had a girlfriend who wore Docs all the time and her feet were pretty stinky when she put them off, this was a feast!

3bI haven’t seen much Dr. Martens lately. Long time they weren’t hip at all, but it seems that this is changing. Fashion changes, the 80ies are coming back and now you’ll see Docs which are color sequined. Outside taste differs, but I’m sure the feet will be sweaty just as well.

fs3aAt a pizza place I discovered a group of young students. One of them had long blond hair, black clothes and colorful Docs at her feet. In addition the girl wore tan coloured ped socks. I saw her when she was outside of her shoes, so I hoped this would be a nice shoeplay show. And it was.

The girl had some aching heels it seems. She slipped in and out of her Docs, took her feet on the bench and grabbed her ankle. Although there was a bag beneath her, I managed to get a moment when she scratched her leg.

1   6a

She was fumbling for her peds many times. They were somewhat loose and slipped down into the shoe. Many heelpops were the fine result.


Later another girl entered the scene. She examined the Docs and admired them. As a side note: She wore a pretty thong :D couldn’t pull the camera from her a$$…

5   7

Then I went away, because nothing happened anymore. Bags were in the way and I thought I had enough material for a short clip, but gladly I saw the girls at another café an hour later. Recording part 2.

9   b

This time the Docs girl put some band-aids on her heels and wiggled her feet at the edge of the shoes. Presenting us her soles again and then the clip slowly comes to the end.

You’ll get 15+ minutes with a pretty blond girl and rather remarkable shoes. Enjoy!

download the clip