#258 Nike AF1 Sage Low

Goodbye to 2021!

6a_xThis year comes to an end. Finally… As I said in my Christmas article at fussphantasie, this wasn’t the year I was expecting. But the good thing is, we have some light at the end of the tunnel. At least this winter feels different and not so lonely for me than the last one.

fs1a2Anyway, I promised this clip here for a long time. It was a difficult one, because I have captured almost two hours and the light went dim at the end. I knew that I had to do hours of work to get a good clip out of it. Yeah you know, procrastination is sometimes stronger than everything :D

The dark haired girl was dressed in black, but had white ankle socks and white Nike Air Force at her feet. Real sneaker shoeplay is rare. Either the girls don’t remove their shoes at all or they remove them completely.

But in this case we got a good portion of dipping. Or I should call it “resting the socked feet in her shoes while wiggling her ankles”.

1   a

Suddenly she crossed her legs and did a very short dangling scene. But be aware: The girl did a fantastic job hiding her feet from my lens :|
It was a pity that I couldn’t get much closer or choose another angle.

4   5

In the end she slipped out of her Nike’s and was resting her socked feet on her shoes. Little bit of crushing the rear part, little bit of rubbing her feet against each other and a short moment where she put her feet on her friend’s leg.

8a   d

In summary I got 27 minutes out of it. Please do not expect a hell of a shoeplay, this is really subtle. Plus some parts are a bit shaky due to my camera’s position. That’s why I lowered the price by half for you. Enjoy and have a nice New Year’s Day!

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