#196 Sexy Birkenstock Feet

Awesome barefoot shoeplay

A young turkish girl was playing with her fake Birkenstocks all the time.

3_xYou know me, I’m not the guy who neccessarily loves flip-flops and Birkenstocks. I’m more into flats and sneakers, but many of you would die for this. Especially in the US there are many Birkenstock lovers.

fs1aIn Germany those shoes were frowned upon a long time, but in the last two years they got more and more popular, especially at many young girls’ feet.

So here are we now. I discovered a pretty young girl with dark hair and painted toe nails who was sitting on a bench with two friends.

I saw the fake Birkenstocks and just wanted to go along until I spotted her bare soles. Ok, for god’s sake, take a capture… :D

6   7

But then I was instantly thrilled, because the girl did an awesome hell of a shoeplay. She was very skilled with her toes, grabbed the rims of the shoes, turned them around and so on.


She balanced the shoes on the side, crossed her ankles and rested her feet diagonally on the cork soles.

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Most of the clip is from behind with two angles, one from slightly above and one from the ground. But I also went around and got two short shots from the side.

1   j

Since that was the time they left the bench, the clip stops after 15+ minutes.

download the clip