#78 Dirty Heelpop Madness


I can’t stand watching this for long, otherwise I would throw a load in my pants, take this for real. Guess, how controlled I had to be to capture steadily.

2a2This young girl in her late teen years was busy with her girlfriends and some other people I don’t know, sorry that I concentrated my focus on her bare feet and her wonderfully trashed and dirty white flats.

fs1She was barefoot, as I said, and her gluey and moist feet had much of the dirt of her inside shoe soles at them. This is the moment when you would hear a loud *smack* of her heels popping out of her flats, if the surrounding wasn’t so loud.

But yeah, the girl wasn’t only popping once or twice, she popped constantly in phases. Look at her shoes and you will know the torture and pressure they got from these desirable feet.

1   5

As a side note, I sat right behind the girl and I had some balls of steel, because two of her friends noticed me for sure, but at least I managed to hide my cam not to attract some interest.

2a   9

I got many wonderful near shots, both inside her filthy shoes and her dirty heels. The clip is 15+ minutes long and if you like dirt from young girl’s feet, this is heaven.

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