#180 Santa Claus 2016

We taketh and we giveth

It lasted 100 clips to do this crazy thing again

9aA comment at youtube brought me to the idea, to play St. Nicholas again. Remember the clip #80 two years ago? We visited some houses and made unknown girls a present by putting sweets and nuts into their shoes which were lying in the staircase.

In Germany it is a common tradition on 6th of December to put shoes outside of the door and let St. Nicholas or Santa Claus put something in it. Normally the parents would do that for their kids, but nowadays there aren’t many people who believe in Santa Claus it seems.

1   5b

So we took the chance and did it again after two years. A commenter at youtube asked me and I was unsure if I should do that because it is kind of illegal to go into foreign houses, even if you don’t intend to steal something.

6“Well, officer, no, we aren’t housebreakers with our camera, bright light and those many sweets and tangerines…” – you get it :D

But yeah, sometimes you have to walk on the line to do those crazy things. The whole year we get many views of unknown girls, their feet and shoes. So it is only right to give them back a small ‘Thank you’. They will wake up in the morning, step outside and find some goodies and a greeting from unknown people. I think this is good karma.


I went along with the queen Chiara and we captured some pairs of trashy and smelly flats, a few sneakers and a pair of well worn plimsoles. Obviously, this is not a shoeplay clip, but I think you’ll know already.

a   8a

Watch 13 minutes of a funny and exciting ride and enjoy the pre-Christmas time!

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