#115 Super Smeary Toes

“Lick us” they said

Insane detailed documentary how sweaty toes look like, when a girl worked the whole day walking on her feet.

5aThis was one of my golden moments again. Walking by, I saw this pretty brown haired girl sitting outside. She was barefoot and got rid of her plimsoles, playing with her toes.

3After I changed my position to get a better view of her feet, I discovered how sticky her toes have been. Under every toe and in between there were pieces of dirt and smudgy lints of her socks she must have been wearing before.

All that was topped with a beautiful french nail polish, so this contrast of well-manicured feet and dirt on them was purely awesome.

2   4

At this point the clip could stop and it would be great, but the girl did some heavenly toe play for us. You can’t watch this without thinking of a virtual footjob. She had such toe spreading skills that you either want to put your tongue at her feet or something other…

For me it was a pleasure to watch her rubbing the feet together and I was so short to lie down. In my mind, well.

a   7a

Get some awesome 16+ minutes of pretty salty and sticky toe play. Tasty!

download the clip