#207 Nylons In Pumps

She reminded me of the overly attached girlfriend

6_xI’m quite sure that you all know about Laina and her performance at Youtube some time ago. The meme spread all around the world and unlike others, Laina is very pretty at all and got a large fan community.


So, when I walked around the street I instantly noticed this young girl sitting outside of an Ice Café. She looked like a sister of the OAG which was quite funny.

But we don’t talk about memes here. The sweet girl wore a dress, a tan colored nylon pantyhose and shiny blue leather pumps. I was obsessed and started the cam immediately.

I tried to capture her from the side, but this place wasn’t the best. I got a very beautiful shot of her toes anyway.


As the girl started to play a little with her feet, I walked right behind her and fired the cam towards the ground. This was quite risky as there were many people around. But I wanted her soles!

a   3

And man, I got them. Beautiful wrinkled nylon soles with some spots of sweaty dirt sticking at them. When I see this I get nervous. Very nervous, even after all those years I’m capturing candids.


Controlling my shakiness, I moved on filming this beautiful girl. She did some dipping in her pumps, a litte bit of shoeplay and in the end she moved her feet back and forth, tipping the toes on the ground with her heels resting on the back of the pumps.

e   d

These are very beautiful 8 minutes of shoeplay with a super pretty girl, enjoy!

download the clip