#209 Mustang Chucks

If there aren’t original Converse, we’ll take Mustang’s instead

8_xIt was a warm day outside, short before a beginning thunderstorm. I was sitting at a café and wanted to leave, until this couple came to the table beside me. Ok, then let’s wait.

The girl slipped out of her flat Chucks-style sneakers and placed one foot onto a chair, the other stayed in her shoe with the heel popping out. This was nice and I started the capture.

4   5a

She was moving her feet a little, but nothing exceptional. No intense shoeplay, but a little dipping with slightly dyed sweaty socks.

7   a

Eventually it began to rain and the couple changed the table. From there it was rather difficult to catch her feet again, but I got some good shots. And finally she showed us her socked feet as a whole. That’s I was waiting for.

b2   d2

In summary you’ll get a nice 6+ minutes clip with socks and sneakers, but please don’t expect heavy shoeplay. Pretty nevertheless.

download the clip