#217 Minnie Mouse On Dope

Exceptional barefoot soles shoeplay

ga_xDo you know the meme song “Jizz in my pants” from 2009? Then you may know how I felt when I recorded this clip. It was awesome! A young lady sitting with her friends at a table, dressed with a Minnie Mouse costume and heavenly trashed old red flats.

fs1aAll girls had some kind of costume. I don’t know exactly, but it seems it was kind of a bachelorette party and they were resting and eating. The protagonist was probably the bride, as her style was the most eye-catching.

Anyway, the lady was in her younger 20ies. It was very warm outside, all girls had sandals and Birkenstocks, but the bride wore her old worn out flats, barefoot. Surely she must have walked the whole day as this is what bachelorettes are doing.


In the beginning there was a phase of almost doing nothing, just resting her feet for minutes, which I cut out of this clip. I considered leaving the place but gladly I did not, because after a visit for the toilet the show began.

5a   3

And what a show! Oh boy, the lady started some of the finest dipping and wiggling shoeplay with her flats and feet. She exposed her soles to my camera as if there was no tomorrow.

b   e

As if someone injected some caffeine right into her veins. This is something I mostly see with much younger girls. Shoes on and off. Left to right. Circles. Stretches. Ankles crossed. In her shoes again, and out. Never ending.

c   9

The only thing I really regret is, that I didn’t get a place at their table to capture some scenes from above. There was no other spot than behind the group, but all you naked sole lovers will be in heaven, I’m sure.

So grab this 29 minutes clip with a reduced summer price and enjoy.

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