#168 Awesome Nylon Girl

Crazy as hell

When it comes to nylon pantyhose plus light colored trashed flats, I lose my mind regularly.

9aSo it was on this day. I walked around the very crowded town and saw a group of people sitting at a table on the sidewalk. There were two girls, one I couldn’t really see, but the other had those mentioned combination of ballerina flats and a nylon pantyhose.

hTo say it short: This shoeplay was awesome! So good that I dared one of the most courageous captures.
I simply sat down on the ground like a beggar and moved the cam to the girl’s feet.

Insane, because there was a guy looking way into my direction. If he had been intent enough, he would have seen the camera for sure. Maybe he saw it, then he didn’t calculate 1+1. Good for me.

But there was another woman who stopped by and started to talk why I was sitting right in the way of the people. I ignored her mostly, so she walked away :)


Regarding the shoeplay: Dipping, dangling, rubbing the inside of the trashed sole, turning the flats round and round, moving them up while standing on the rim – simply everything.

e   6

The girl was so skilled with her feet that it blew me away. And man, consider how difficult this is to concentrate on the capture. Take everything into account…

So, enjoy this heavenly 21 minutes of a hell of a shoeplay.

download the clip