#33 High School Pantyhose

The most beautiful drug

“Hey girls, do you take a rest?” – “Yes, we have been walking all the day right now!” - That’s what they said…

1aI was recording some sneakers without any shoeplay and wanted to stop, until those high school students took the seat right next to the place I was standing. They threw their flats off and put their hosed feet onto the chairs. Wow…

3aThe thing is, this is a situation when I get very nervous by myself, because there is absolutely no time to acclimatize to this scene. I turned around camera A and started recording with camera B in my hand and hold it right to them. I wasn’t even considering that this is a fairly heavy populated place, oh my god.

The girls ordered an ice cream each, rested their tan and black hosed feet right in front of me and started to wiggle with their toes, massaged their feet and rubbed the soles together. At 6:42 they confirmed what I thought: They’ve been walking the whole day in those shoes. The tan nyloned girl had rather dyed and sweaty toes, you’ll see it in amazing close ups.

6a   2

Few moments later I sat down at another table and ordered a coke while capturing further with two cameras, man, this was insane, I can’t do this very often.

eThe black hosed girl had a slightly russian accent, the other one was german. They talked about languages, friends and school homework for their final exams.

bYou will see both girls playing gently with their sweaty feet, close ups of everything, inside shoes, legs, fantastic face shots, ice licking and even some shoeplay and heelpopping in the end of this 25+ minutes clip.

I had to stop editing this video at some time, because it took my breath, take my word for real. If this won’t kill you, I don’t know.

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