#226 Ballerina Toeplay

Nylon Pantyhose on a tall (hot) blonde

7_xDo you know the documentary talhotblond? It just came to my mind when writing the headline. No, this clip doesn’t have any references to it. This is something completely different for sure.

fs3aI was sitting outside of a self-service bakery when a girl in her 20ies and a guy came to a table behind me. She was very tall, thin, blond hair over the shoulder and dressed with a white top and black flats. The exciting point was: She was wearing a tan colored nylon pantyhose.

Both were a business team, no couple. They were talking about their stuff with a tablet on the table, discussing and so on. I had the chance to capture the whole thing for over an hour!

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Now there is a slight downside: Older girls do often less shoeplay than younger girls or teens. It seems she was very concentrated on her topic, so there were large (laaarge) parts without any movement at all which I cut away for sure.

e   9

What she did was very nice though. Mostly a dipping and toe playing clip, where the girl was fiddling her flats slowly with her toes. No exaggerated shoeplay, but in the end she did some exciting moves.

c   b

As I sat behind, I could only get some hair shots. The guy was permanently looking to my direction and I didn’t want to risk being discovered.

Three of this 19 minutes clip were filmed from slightly above, but I couldn’t hold this position for long. So yeah, enjoy the result for a spring sales price, mates!

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