#259 Peekatoe

I have already named a clip Peek-A-Boo, so yeah…

3_xDo you know this game for little babies? Peekaboo or in German “Guck Guck”? Hide your face with your hands and whimsically smiling while removing them? All babies love it. And all foot guys love it when a girl slips out of her flats and shows us her toes.

fs2aIn this case the brown haired girl in her 20ies did this. Not once, but the whole time. She left her flats with her bare feet, fiddled around with her red nail-polished toes and slipped back in.

Maybe this sounds boring at first, but I had to smile because this was Peekaboo at its finest :D

In the beginning I was a bit sad because she started with her right foot and I had a pretty bad angle to capture this perfectly. You can see it but her foot was hidden by the left one.

6   d

When she changed her feet, the scene got really funny and well balanced. I didn’t know if she even recognized what she was doing. This is the kind of shoeplay which happens unconsciusly while talking with others. Same as fidget spinners for hands, you know what I mean.

7   ca

There aren’t a lot of photos because, well, she did this the whole 7 minutes long and the scene is repeating over and over. Boring for some, thrilling for others. Enjoy!

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