#221 Ballerina Sisters

Not only one flats girl, you’ll get two at once

9_xIt was one of those days. I felt it was the last day of summer, warm outside, short before evening and the weather forecast predicted autumn for the following days. On my way home I decided to stop at a fast food restaurant and drink a last summer coffee.

8As if heaven listened to my prayers of complaining the lack of good shoeplay this summer, it sent me two sisters with flats at once! The older girl wore a black nylon pantyhose and velvet flats, the younger girl had patent leather flats with white dotted socks, a little bit dirty… oh! my! god!

I was so in a hurry that I didn’t notice the pantyhose girl at first, I just focussed on the socks girl. But when I saw the older one playing with her flats, I zoomed out and captured both at once.

1   2

After a while the socks girl left and I could zoom in to the nylon girl.

Maybe I should explain that I was sitting 40 cm away of those girls. Gladly my camera has a good wide angle for these kind of situations. No need to mention that I was nervous as f*ck, obviously. In such moments I forget the risk of getting busted. Sometimes good, sometimes not, but yeah, I wanted this show.

g   i

Both girls did a very good shoeplay. The socks girl was more active with her feet, let her flats drop and wrinkled her toes, whereas the pantyhose girl did more a kind of heelpopping and dipping shoeplay.

After all these silent weeks this 13 minutes clip is a very good start I guess. Enjoy!

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