#105 Sweaty Soaked Pantyhose

Call it #nylongate

Man, this was so ridiculously exciting, that I walked back with three legs.

2aI’ll call her Aunt Mary from now on. Aunt Mary had a passion for nylon pantyhoses and she had the habit to change these not very often. Sometimes she was wearing them for more than three days up to one week. Maybe this was because of the after war generation? I don’t know.

fs1aAunt Mary had some other things too, which predetermined the way my life was going on. She was a very resolute woman. Often funny and a joke at her lips, but she belongs to the generation who do the things without much thinking about. Aunt Mary was always wandering around, working all day, walking from left to right, never resting too much time.

7aWhen Aunt Mary was visiting us and sat at our table drinking her coffee, she often kicked her elegant pumps around. As she was on her feet all day, they got very warm and very sweaty. The smell of warm leather combined with the sweet scent of her wet nyloned feet was floating around and frequently I wished just to lay down right beside her smelly feet and inhale her drug.

8I observed her feet rather often. Aunt Mary’s pantyhose had reinforced toes and when she was showing me her wet and soaked soles, I was speechless. Sometimes she waved her toes in the air, just as they would tell me “come to me and smell, little boy”…

6Then she searched her shoes with her toes while talking to the other elder people at the table, regardless what I was doing or thinking. I bet she had known it and did it just for me, to arouse the little boy’s friend.

When Aunt Mary was rubbing her toes and the tip of her pantyhose gets crumpled, it was the moment for me to leave the room. To lie down on my bed and to dream of Aunt Mary’s wonderful smelly and moist feet.

Even today I had to think of her. I met Aunt Mary in this heavenly 16+ minutes clip.

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