#140 Keds And Chucks

Two sisters with socked feet

You’ll barely see one girl with her plimsoles off, now there are just two of them.

1aCall this luck! When I was walking around the town, I saw a young girl eating some german pastries. Her feet were out of her Keds and she had black ankle socks on, one leg crossed over the other.

3aI focused on her and got some nice shots. She moved her toes in the air, crossed her ankles and dipped a long time in her Keds afterwards.

Nice part was the unintended sock crush of some crumbs which fell down from the table.


What I saw when she left the table: Her younger sister had her feet out of her shoes also! She wore grey ankle socks and had blue Converse Chucks lying under her feet.

She did not so much with her feet, just a bit toe movement and putting her shoes back on, but it was a nice addition to her sister’s part.

7   8

Around 7 minutes black socks with Keds and 3 minutes grey socks with Chucks, call it sister love or so. Definitely a win-win for both sides.

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